Missing assignments have zero (0) points in Powerschool. Assignments with one (1) point have been turned in, but have no work shown. Note: Parent login and password are printed at the bottom of student schedules.

The students are required to maintain a personal calendar or a Weekly To Do List that has the option to be signed by the parent after every week.



PEMDAS CWK #1 Physics Overview CWK #1
Mystery Solved CWK #2 Waves Goodbye CWK #2
Tri Tri Again CWK #3 Charge CWK #3
SOHCAHTOA CWK #4 Current & Power CWK #4
Trig Proofs CWK #5 Circuits CWK #5
Waves CWK #6 Speeding Up CWK #6
SAT Prep Click Here Dare To Compare CWK #7
Connect the Dots CWK #7 Ramp Friction CWK #8
Distance Formula CWK #8 Vector-ious CWK #9
In The Heart CWK #9 Torque CWK #10
Two Story Lines CWK #10   Impulse CWK #11
Sides & Angles CWK #11 Momentum CWK #12
Quadratics CWK #12 Ring My Bell Challenge
Conic Sections CWK #13  
What's Your Story Click Here Exam Reviews 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Othello Instructions | Online Game Grade 6 CST Sample Questions Click Here
Back Talk Click Here Grade 7 CST Sample Questions Click Here
Nations of the World Click Here Algebra 1 CST Sample Questions Click Here
Presentation of Learning Rubric Click Here Algebra 2 CST Sample Questions Click Here
Time Sheets Click Here Geometry CST Sample Questions Click Here
Maze Game Click Here Physics CST Sample Questions Click Here
Transitional Presentation of Learning (tPOL)
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