Duration: 3 days WOW!!!

Downloadable Project Sheet

The “A10ción” Project

The goal of A10ción is to bring “attention” to social themes covered in The House on Mango Street that are ripe for discussion. The students will inform the public on what’s the buzz with the help of electronic circuits.

Scope of Work

Every team of two (2) students will create an Interactive Art Display what has 10 questions that are pre-wired to confirm a correct answer.  The teams will exhibit their work for the other students and staff to ponder.

The following materials & tools will be provided:
-- Sheet of Plywood & 2X2 pieces
-- Nuts (42) & Bolts (21)
-- Mounting Bracket & Nails
-- Clear Labels (10)
-- Permanent Markers
-- Primer Paint, Rollers, & Paint Pans
-- Jigsaw, Hammers, & Clamps
-- Electronic Components & Wire
-- Foam Sheets, Paint, & Brushes
-- Glue Guns & Glue Sticks
-- Scissors & Pliers
-- Goggles


Survey Questions
Circuit Challenge
Art Sketch
Interactive Art Display
Gallery Exhibition
Master Action Plan
Digital Portfolio (Didn't have time to do)



The Vignette must:
-- Attempt to recapture a memory
-- Adhere to vignette requirements discussed in Writers Workshop
-- Include Literary Devices

The Survey Questions must:
-- Relate to the chosen theme in The House on Mango Street
-- Have a target demographic
-- Be thought provoking

The Circuit Challenge must:
-- Be completed before the team receives the electronic components
-- Include a draft schematic of their circuit

The Art Sketch must:
-- Embody the theme that the team has chosen
-- Have the placement of Vignette & Questions
-- Include the real-life drawing of how the hardware and electronic components are assembled
-- Be photographed/scanned & saved as JPEG files

The Interactive Art Display must:
-- Be photographed for display online
-- Display the Vignette & Questions
-- Include the proper mounted hardware and electronic components
-- Explain how the circuit works on the back of the display

For the Gallery Exhibition, the students must:
-- Send out invitations to the community to attend the event
-- Have an artist statement accompanying their work
-- Dress formally and greet patrons of the arts
-- Engage others about the project and the Interactive Art Display

The Master Action Plan must:
-- Have ALL detailed items for the successful completion of the project
-- Reflect daily benchmarks via the dates
-- Have team member assignments

The Work In Progress (WIP) Meetings & Emails must:
-- Have an up-to-date Master Action Plan PRINTED/ATTACHED
-- Establish completion of Weekly Benchmarks
-- Express via email or during private meetings regarding WIP problems with partnerships




 Read Project Sheet, Master Action Plan, Draft Vignette


 Complete Circuit Challenge, Art Sketch, Survey Questions, Final Vignette


 Complete Interactive Art Display, Gallery Exhibition

The Digital Portfolio must:
-- Brief Project Description & Title
-- Include Artist Statement
-- Post the required images
-- Have a reflection covering "what went well, what could you do better, & what did you learn about yourself"


Grading Criteria

Downloadable Scoring Sheet

The students will be working in teams of two (2), but they will each receive an individual grade. The varying weights for the following criteria will determine their overall score.
-- Thoughtfulness & Thoroughness
-- Work Ethic & Behavior
-- Deadlines & Deliverables
-- Exceeding Expectations


By participated in A10ción, the students are agreeing to all the safety issues discussed in class.

Student Work

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