Eggstreme Sports
Duration: 5 days

The “Eggstreme Sports” Project

Downloadable Project Sheet

The goal of Eggstreme Sports is to help students understand how a simple mechanical spring and free falling from a platform can be an educational and extreme experience. The students will create a bungee jump for eggs and learn that Math & Physics is all that it's cracked up to be.

Scope of Work

A pair of students will create a bungee jump from rope and rubber bands that drops an egg from over 20 ft. The goal is to get as close as possible to the floor without breaking shell. The students must do the necessary calculations to solve for the spring constant (k) of the bungee rope. The following materials & tools will be provided for analysis:


Picture from Bob Staake

-- Rubber Bands
-- Rope
-- Weights
-- Duct Tape Harness
-- Tape Measure
-- Accuscale
-- Microsoft Excel
-- Two Story Mechanic Lift


Rubber Band Spring – Students will be creating their very own bungee rope.

By-Hand & Excel Graphs – Students will be graphing the spring constant (Force vs. Displacement) by hand and with software.

Eggstreme ChallengeStudents will be proving Newton's Laws with the use of Trigonometry.

Live Test RunThe Students will be given only one (1) chance to make it or break it during the bungee jump.

Master Action Plan is not required, but highly reccommended.

Individual Digital Portfolio is also not required, but highly reccommended.


The Rubber Band Spring must:
-- Have the team names written on it
-- Use ALL 1/4 pound of rubber bands
-- Have a calculated spring constant k
-- Have hook up loops on both ends
-- Note: The spring constant of the rope is negligibl

The By-Hand & Excel Graph must:
-- Be turned in individually for the By-Hand Graph and together for the Excel Graph
-- Include a Descriptive Title with labeled Y- & X-axis including Units
-- Have ten (10) data points recorded on the Data Collection Sheet
-- Note: Do not forget to put team names on graph

Eggstreme Challenge must be completed and mastered before the Live Test Run.

The Live Test Run must get as close as possible to the ground without hitting. Students who can solve for the theoretical stretch of the spring on their own will receive bonus points.

Grading Criteria

Downloadable Scoring Sheet

The following criteria will determine the overall individual grade.
-- Thoughtfulness & Thoroughness
-- Deadline & Deliverables
-- Work Ethic & Behavior
-- Bonus Points goes to Teams that get closer than a foot from the floor. That's Eggstreme!


By participating in Eggstreme Sports, the students are agreeing to all the safety issues discussed in class.

Additional Info

Eggstreme Sports Handout

Student Work

Bungee Videos [1] [2] [3]

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