Operation Beagle
Duration: 3 weeks

Downloadable Project Sheet

The “Operation Beagle” Project

The goal of Operation Beagle is to help students explore Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle, while learning about electricity. The original game of Operation inspired the connection between Humanities and Math & Science.

Scope of Work

Every team of two (2) students is responsible for creating an electronic board game. The goal or “How to Win” the game, along with the rules, will be determined by each team. The following materials & tools will be provided:
-- Gift Box (11"x17"x2.5")
-- 11"x17" Paper
-- 18 Gauge Stranded Wire and Wire Cutters
-- 30-Watt Soldering Gun with Flux
-- Electrical Tape

The following suggested materials could be found at Radio Shack or any electronic store:
-- Conductive Material (Aluminum Foil, Screws, etc.)
-- LED with Resistor
-- Battery Casing
-- 1.5V Motor
-- Buzzers

Teams requiring financial assistance should see the team teachers.


Circuit Challenge
Master Action Plan
Game Concept
Game Board
Detailed Schematic
Digital Portfolio (See Frequently Asked Questions FAQs)



Every team member must show competency during the Circuit Challenge before continuing with project.

The Master Action Plan must:
-- Have ALL detailed items for the successful completion of the project
-- Reflect weekly benchmarks via the dates
-- Have team member assignments
-- Be kept up-to-date

Game Concept must include a brief overview of the idea and how it integrates with electronics.

The Game Board must include:
-- A detailed World Map
-- Minimum of Forty (40) questions/factoids from Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle
-- Rules & Instructions on how to play
-- Necessary game cards and/or pieces
-- Note: More information available in Humanties.

The Detailed Schematic must include:
-- A digital drawing representing the circuit
-- Proper labeling with actual values of electronic components (Final Drawing)

The Hardware must include:
-- A simple/complex circuit in series (minimum), parallel, and/or both
-- Two (2) electronic actions upon completing the circuit with a switch
-- Electronics that is integral to the game NEW!

The Digital Portfolio must include:
-- A brief overview of the Game Concept
-- Have working hyperlinks to the Final Master Action Plan
-- Pictures of the exterior and interior of the game
-- An image file of the schematic
-- Answers to ALL of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-- Have a reflection discussing technical issues occurring during the project and how they were overcome.


Grading Criteria

Downloadable Scoring Sheet

The students will be working in teams of two (2), but they will each receive an individual grade. The varying weights for the following criteria will determine their overall score.
-- Attractiveness
-- Rules
-- Creativity & Playability
-- Accuracy of Content
-- Schematic
-- Hardware


By participating in Operation Beagle, the students are agreeing to all the safety issues discussed in class, when authorized tools are in use.

Student Work

Sample Electronic Board Game [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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