Pool Hall Junkies
Duration: 3-4 weeks

The “Pool Hall Junkies” Project

The goal of Pool Hall Junkies is to help students understand how impulse, momentum, energy, & angles play a big part in society through sports and games. Skill, strategy, and even luck involve physics & math one way or another when it comes to mastering and winning a sports competition. The students will be creating fully functional, small scale pool tables.

Scope of Work

Every team of two (2) students is responsible for creating a mini-pool table. The details of a pool table must be researched and applied to the project. After all the pool tables are officially approved by the Gaming Commission, then a pool tournament will determine the overall rankings of all the teams for bonus points (Top 4 Finishers).

The following materials & tools will be provided:
-- 2’ by 4’ Sheet of Wood
-- 2x2 Planks of Wood for Railings
-- Nails & Staple Guns with Staples
-- Spray-On Adhesive, Wood Conditioner, & Stain
-- Safety Goggles, Tarps, Saws, Hammers, Power Tools, etc.


Detailed Sketch of the Pool Table Design (Dimensions)
Pool Table
Ball Return System
Master Action Plan & Individual Action Items
Work In Progress (WIP) Meetings & Emails
Individual Digital Portfolio
Pool Table Challenge & Pool Tournament


The Detailed Sketch must:
-- Be scaled-down from a full size pool table
-- Have adequate measurements
-- Be drawn on the computer
-- Represent the ball return system

The Pool Table must:
-- Include handmade billiard balls (golf balls allowed), cue sticks, & racking triangle
-- Be functional

The Ball Return System must:
-- Gather ALL the billiard balls in one area
-- Be easily accessible by the players
-- Be seamlessly integrated with the pool table

The Master Action Plan & Individual Action Items must:
-- Have ALL detailed items for the successful completion of the project
-- Reflect weekly benchmarks via the dates
-- Have team member assignments

The Work In Progress (WIP) Meetings & Emails must:
-- Have an up-to-date Master Action Plans & Individual Action Items PRINTED/ATTACHED
-- Establish completion of Weekly Benchmarks
-- Express via email or during private meetings regarding WIP problems with partnerships

The following benchmarks are to be completed by the end of the respective week.

Understanding of Proposal & Initial Master Action Plan
Design, Preparation, & Assigned Individual Action Items
Pool Table: Build & Test (Revise if needed)
Ball Return System: Build, Test (Revise if needed), & Finalize

In order to participate in the Pool Tournament, every team member must show competency during the Pool Table Challenge. Be prepared to answer questions.

The Digital Portfolio must:
-- Discuss Math & Physics Concepts covered during the project
-- Discuss how the Ball Return System works
-- Have images of the detailed sketch & pictures of the final product
-- Have working hyperlinks to Final Master Action Plans & Individual Action Items
-- Have a reflection covering "what went well, what could you do better, & what did you learn about yourself" in regards to the project itself AND the partnership


Grading Criteria

The students will be working in teams of two (2), but they will each receive an individual grade. The varying weights for the following criteria will determine their overall score.
-- Thoughtfulness & Thoroughness
-- Work Ethic & Behavior
-- Deadlines & Deliverables


By participating in Pool Hall Junkies, the students are agreeing to all the safety issues discussed in class, when authorized tools are in use.

Student Work

Sample Pool Tables [1] [2] [3]

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