The purpose of this project was to get an overview of physics in a delighting, but simple way. We had to choose a physics concept, define it and choose (or make) a superhero defining the physics concept.


My superhero is named Miss Elastic. Her secret identity is Anne Richards.

Anne Richards was a 21 year old power-hungry college student who would visit her scientist parents during breaks. One day, she was in their laboratory when she was accidentally zapped by one of their machines, She gained spring-like qualities and the ability to stretch. She dropped out of college and became Miss Elastic. Being power-hungry, she robbed banks and wreaked havoc on the streets of New York City.

Miss Elastic’s power relates to Hooke’s Law.

Physics Concept


The force of a spring changes as it is being pushed or pulled. In another way of explaining  when a spring is pushed or pulled, it has the same force as the force used.


F =  KX 


F – Force (In Newtons, or Pounds)

K – Spring Constant (Newtons/Meters, Pounds/Inches)

X – Displacement (Meters, Inches)

What Does This Mean?

The more the linear spring is stretched out or pushed in, the more it will rebound.

How Does This Relate To Our Superhero?

Miss Elastic uses the springs in her body to expand, when she stretches her arms or legs back they will rebound, packing a punch.

Possible Weakness

Based on Hooke’s Law, if Miss Elastic stretches too far out, the springs can break, which could lead to an ultimate defeat.

Secret Identity

When Miss Elastic is not wreaking havoc throughout the town, she is working as a firewoman. She uses her stretching powers to reach higher places and to rescue people stuck in fires at a high level and getting cats and animals out of trees.

Partner History

One day, when Miss Elastic was robbing a bank, a villain named Leap Frog joined in on the excitement. He helped her rob the bank. They ran out of the bank and in an alley where they showed each other their powers. Realizing the similarity of their powers, they joined forces and became partners in crime.

Miss Elastic’s powers are more focused on the stretching of her spring-like body while Leap Frog’s powers are more about Spring Energy and the force of the spring in its coiled form.


My partner was Christopher Nash. When we picked our topic, we each came up with a good definition, we ended up working on a great topic that was easy to understand for us. It was hard to find a superhero (or villain) because the physics concepts we had were not very common among super characters. My partner found one after looking very hard, and I chose to be creative and make my own superhero. We had great communication and did an equal share of work on our topics each given to us.

As an individual, this project really gave me a taste of what high school would be like but in an easy sense. I know that I can take some of the skills from this project (like simplifying definitions and research skills) with me into the real world.