Mutants Revealed


Magneto is a mutant who can create magnetic fields around himself and other objects. He can manipulate those fields to do many things with the objects they are around. For example, he can move bridges, crush cars, throw people (by manipulating the iron in their blood) and even construct machines.

Superpowers: Magneto manipulates the physics concept induction by creating and manipulating magnetic fields. He has also been know to shoot bolts of lightning by using the reverse concept of induction.


Definition: Induction is when a wire and a magnet are close to eachother and the magnetic field or wire is moving it induces electricity into the wire. This also works the other way around, it current is flowing through a wire, it creates a magnetic field around the wire.

Example: VCR tape: The tape has magnetic strips on it and when the tape is going past the playbar's metal head the playbar (using induction) reads the strips as electrical impulses, which it sends to the tv. Generator: A generator is a motor in reverse instead of the magnet inside the motor being spun by the motor, it is spun by an outside force (water steam, etc.) then the spinning magnet induces electricity into the coils of wire inside the generator.

Equation:  \mathcal{E} = -{{d\Phi_B} \over dt} E= electromotive force in volts. Ib= magnetic flux in webers. D= change. T= time.

Units: Weber: a volt-second (V*S) Volt: Current * Resistance, basically pressure on the electricity ( like in a hose if you have a smaller hose and pumping the same volume of water, the pressure rises to keep the same volume of water out.

Weakness: A possible weakness would be a hero made out of bisthmus. Bisthmus natrually repels all magnetic fields. Another weakness would be come one made of non-conductive and non-ferrous (magnetic) materials

Secret Identity: Magneto works at a generator when he is not being a supervillan. Induction is used in this profession because Induction is what makes the generator able to make electricity.

Partner/Nemisis: Magneto and Frozana are good partners in crime because Magneto can use his magnetic powers to open vaults and blow cars and people out of the way, then Frozana can zip in and get away really fast by using her ice “roads”. They met in the orphanage they were raised in, Magneto’s parents had been killed and Frozana’s were unable to take care of her, so they formed a tight bond. When they were in high school they discovered that they had superpowers and decided to use them to get back at the world for giving them such foul childhoods.

Reflection: What went well was that Danielle and I worked very well together. Ii also managed to learn the physics concept really fast. What I could have done better is to have checked in on Danielle more to see how she was doing and helped her out more. Also I could have made a checklist for myself of what to do so I don't forget anything. What I learned about myself is that I should create checklists and deadlines for myself so that I don't miss anything.