Mutants Revealed


Definition: Work is the transfer of energy. The product of the force used to move an object times the distance. In physics we say that work is done on an object when you transfer energy to that object. If you put energy into an object then you do work on that object. If a first object is the agent that gives energy to a second object, then the first object does work on the second object. The energy goes from the first object into the second object. At first we will say that if an object is standing still, and you get it moving, then you have put energy into that object.

Equations Concepts and Samples

W = Work Joules
F = Force Newton's
D = Distance Meters




Purpose: Learn about different physics concepts and how they relate to either a supper hero or villain or the kind you just simply make up.

The Dissesembeler: The Dissesembeler is a man who grew hatred of buildings and wanted to destroy them with his partner. They were both in the same freak accident and helped each other wile one disassembled them and the other would tip them over with his crowbar lever.

Secret Identity: He douse really have a secret identity. His identity is a local man who works as a trophy truck designer and builder for some of the best racers including himself and stays on his 90 ft. Sport Fishing Yacht. He douse his building destructions during his free time on random days of the week.

Partner: The Dissesembeler's partner is Torque.

Super Powers Explained: He has supper heroes strength and is stronger than any other human. He got these powers when he was at the gym working out and heard something outside and ran out when he saw a building light up and wile he was walking up a bomb went off and sent him and a another man flying through the air. The next week he finally woke up at the doctors and was let out two days later. As soon as he was let out he new something was wrong so he started to study himself and found out that the bomb Had rearranged his DNA and altered his muscles and made him grow muscles and burn all fat tissue witch then made him go crazy till he found the man that he say right before the bomb went off and together the hatred of buildings grew so they started to nock them down. As the Dissesembeler disassembled them Torque would tip them over with his crowbar lever.

Career: His career is a trophy truck designer and builder for some of the best racers including himself and stays on his 90 ft. Sport Fishing Yacht.

Enemies: His enemies are; Building designers, Contractors, Construction builders and like always the Police and the S.W.A.T. teams.

Reflection: Even though this project was very short, I feel like I valued from it a lot because it turned physics into real life situations and gave me a better understanding of my topic. Even though this project is just a brief overview of some of the topics we are going to cover this year, it's letting me now what I should be expecting on my next projects to come.